Fort Saskachewan



General Sign Regulations include (but not limited to):

  • No sign shall be constructed, placed, relocated or altered without first obtaining a development permit otherwise provided in the city bylaws.
  • The placement of a sign shall not require the removal or destruction of trees, shrubbery or other landscaping.
  • Any permitted sign shall be placed so as not to obstruct or impair vision, or hinder or interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic on abutting roads or walkways.
  • No sign shall be affixed to any public or private structure.
  • The following signs shall be permitted without the requirement for a development permit:


sign type Number of Signs / Distance / Placement Sign Specifications
Billboard Signs
between signs 100.0m (328.0ft) between billboard and permanent free-standing sign 25.0m (82.0ft) between billboard and principal building on a parcel 10.0m (32.8ft) from an intersection 30.0m (98.4ft)
19.0sq.m (204.5sq.ft) max area no part of the sign is more than 9.0m (29.5ft) above ground
Free-standing permanent signs
1 per site with less than 60m (196.9ft) frontage 1 per frontage for corner lots
0.3sq.m (3.2sq.ft) max area for each meter of street frontage to a maximum of 19sq.m (204.3sq.ft)
types of sign notes / limitations
Statutory and official notices of government authorities
Traffic and directional signs authorized by the council
Temporary signs promoting the sale or lease of real estates and developments
1 sign per lot/site maximum sign area of 11.52 sqm. (124.0 sqft)
Construction signs
must be wholly situated upon the construction site must not project over a public roadway 1 sign per site maximum sign area of 2.97 sqm. (32.0 sqft) must be removed upon completion of site construction
Menu boards at drive-thru eating establishments
no portion of the sign conveying advertisements shall be directed or visible from off of the site non-advertising portion(s) of the sign shall be properly finished maximum sign area of 2.97sqm (32.0sqft)
The changeable copy panel of a changeable copy sign
Election posters
must be removed three (3) days after the election date
Garage and yard sale signs
must be no larger than 0.56sqm (6.0sqft) placed on public property shall not be placed more than 24 hours preceding the sale and shall be removed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the sale there will be no staked signs permitted on 98th or 99th Avenue boulevards due to underground irrigation systems.


Each city has its own bylaws regarding the use and placement of portable signs. Here is a quick summary of the portable sign bylaws of the city of Fort Saskatchewan.

Did not find what you were looking for? Here is a more detailed copy of the sign regulations for Fort Saskatchewan: Fort Saskatchewan Portable Sign Bylaws

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